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If you are here reading this article you must have the idea about the importance of Email Marketing and also some of your emails are going to the spam box of your customers.

And also you must have spent your hard earn money so that you can collect genuine emails from your customers.

Now the case is like you have spent your money, you gathered a good amount of data (emails) and now when you shoot your mails you didn’t get any reply.

There can be many different reasons but here we are going to discuss why emails go to spam instead of the inbox?

Because we generally don’t go to spam box to check our emails until we are creating our backlinks.

So if your emails are landing on the spam box of your customer, you may be losing a potential customer who can generate you some revenue.

And one more thing that you should know is you need not to be a spammer to land in a spam box.

So let’s first understand why emails are going to spam instead of the inbox?

Sometimes your email may seem like a spammer and it goes to the email graveyard (Spam Box).

There are many words which we should not use in our mail so that we do not land on the spam box.

Maybe your domain also has a poor reputation.

So that was a little summary now we will go into the depth of this whole topic, so let’s get started. Here are all the factors that can push your email into the spam box.

1 – Keywords

As Email spam filters are quite smart now, they can understand the keywords which are often used by spammers. Machine learning and AI is making the tools very smart and secure to use. Below are the words which you can avoid using in your email or do not overuse these words in your content.

Check Your Money OrderCongratulation
LotteryFor Only ($)
FreeGreat Offer
Order NowRisk-Free
Money-Back GuaranteeThis is not spam
GuaranteedIncrease your sales
Cancel Any TimeSpecial Promotion

So I said try to avoid or overuse these words in your content, but when you come to the subject line of your email you must be away from these kinds of pushy words.

2 – Text ratio on Images

So now you know that filters can track the spammy keywords but what if you use them in the images, sorry filters can also track the ratio of text to images and can understand what is your intention and can push your email into spam box.

So try not to use images with high text to image ratio so that you can reach your customer properly.

Now another thing is what if a user doesn’t allow the images to display in their mails and if that happens maybe they can mark your email as spam.

And once you got marked as spammer this worked as feedback for the spam filters and form next your emails will directly send to spam box without any excuses.

So to get over this you can simply use Alt text so that when images don’t get displayed the text will be shown to the customer and they can see the image by enabling the option if they found the text important or valuable.

So always use Alt text to your images and this will help you not marked as a spammer.

3 – Did you get the permission?

Do not just mail anyone without their prior permission, and if you did a huge amount of $16000 that you might have to pay as compensation.

Do not just buy an email list where you didn’t take the prior permission of the customer.

Think this like you received an email by an unknown source would you open the mail and click on the given link.

You might not do that and most of the people will not do this as there is also a huge risk of data theft.

So people can simply mark you as spam even if you don’t have any intention and spam filters now think that you are a spammer and most of your emails will now go to the spam folder.

4 – Do not enter Spammy links

If you enter the links in your email and that URL or domain have been fraudulent in the past then chances of your email to go into spam increases so be aware before mentioning any links in your email.

5 – Your IP Address matters

If you haven’t done any kind of spam with your email marketing software account but the emails that you are sending if going through their server and anyone have done any kind of spam work before it can also affect your campaign.

However, most of the well-known Marketing software has a good reputation as they don’t allow their customers to do any kind of spam work, which maintains their reputation and email passes through their servers don’t move to spam folders.

6 – Effect of URL shortening 

This has a simple logic with all the filters, as most scammers try to shorten their URLs using like bit.ly so filters now push these emails to spam folders directly so try not to short your URLs.

And if it is required to do so you can use trustworthy Url changes like Rebrandly URL shortener as this will allow you to add the brand and in that way, filters don’t push you or your customer experience will also be maintained.

7 – How engagement rate affects your campaign?

These days webmail providers are starting to take the records about the open rate, delete rate without getting opened and more information.

And if your record is not good enough to land in the inbox your emails have higher chances of throwing in the spam folder.

So try to increase your open rate and in that, you will land in the inbox from net time.

And for that what you can do is, send the emails at the right time, your sending time matters a lot, write good and attractive subject lines, remove the data of your customers who don’t open your mail quite often.

All these practices can help you increase your open rate, so practice them and you will see the difference.

8 – Use of Unsubscribe button

What if you receive an email that you didn’t like and don’t want to receive another email from that particular ID.

You will find the unsubscribe button so that you will not receive the mail again but you didn’t find any, now what you will do?

You will mark that email as spam and this action will hamper your reputation in the eyes of spam filters.

9 – Your Name, Subject Line, & Email Body

Most of the well-reputed Email marketing service providers will stop you from sending mail when you do not fill any of the fields I mentioned above (Name, Subject line, and Email Body).

But in case somehow your service provider allows you to send the mail without these mentioned fields then the chances of your mail to land in the spam folder will surely increase.

That’s not enough even the reputation of your will also hit by this action so do not forget to fill these fields otherwise you know the consequences.

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