In this post, we will see different affiliate marketing strategies for beginners so that with the help of that you can earn well with affiliate marketing.

These strategies are of my own, which I use myself and also you can use to make money online.

Affiliate Marketing Strategies For Beginners

Affiliate Marketing Strategies fro beginners

When you earn a commission by selling a product that is created by someone else we call it Affiliate Marketing.

When you make a sale you get a commission fixed by the product owner.

There are lots of people out there who make their living from Affiliate Marketing and also make it a passive income source for them.

The image below will give you a small mind map of the whole process of Affiliate Marketing strategies for beginners.

Let’s see some different types of affiliate programs we can use to make money online.

  1. CPC – Cost Per Click
  2. CPM – Cost Per Impression 
  3. CPA – Cost Per Acquisition
  4. Recurring
  5. Bonded

Maybe you have heard some of them and you are unaware of rest so let’s understand them properly.

CPC – Cost Per Click

In the CPC program you will get paid for each and every time a people click on the particular product given by the owner of the product.

It can be a banner, link, custom images or it can be other marketing material.

You won’t get lots of advertisers with this program but there are some advertisers who pay for that.

CPM – Cost Per Impression

In this type of program, you will get paid a fixed amount for every 1000 impressions. In the CPM model, the payment has been made on how many times the ads were shown doesn’t matter the user or visitor clicked on the banner or not.

CPA – Cost Per Acquisition

In this model or program, you will get paid when a user or visitor converts like he made a payment for the product you are promoting.

Means when you refer a product to a person and he buys that product then you will be eligible for a fixed commission.

This is quite a tough work or model as you have drive real traffic and then you have made them made the payment or you can give the merchant a high converting leads.

Bonded or Recurring

In this type of model, you will get a recurring payment, either you will get paid for a fixed period of time or you will get paid for a lifetime.

In this type of affiliate, all you need to do is bring a customer to a platform or you need to make them pay for one time.

And from the next time, each and every activity of that customer will be tracked and you will get paid every time the customer performs any action.

This is actually a passive income source where you have to work once and from the next time, you will get paid lifetime till the customer making actions on the merchant’s platform.

So now you can choose according to your convenience which one will be perfect for you to make a passive income online.

But most of the merchants are only available with the CPA model where you have to make your visitors pay for the product.

So you will most likely find the CPA model let’s see how you have to do this, I mean the whole process of the CPA model.

1 – Get Paid with CPA Model

Follow this set of rules and you will be able to earn money with the CPA model.

First Rule – Choose a relevant product

The first and foremost rule of selecting any product for an affiliate is it should be a relevant product.

I mean that if you have a website in the fashion niche and you are promoting an SEO product this is totally irrelevant to your website.

So if you have a website in the fashion niche do select a product that is relevant to fashion.

There is a simple logic behind that and this a person who landed on your website with a mindset to buy a beauty product won’t going to buy an SEO product.

There are lots of high paying products in every niche all you have to do is find one by exploring the web.

Second Rule – Protect Your Link

By protecting your affiliate links I mean you can change the actual link to a simple text so that no one can use your id and stole your commission or hard work.

Here is an example.

Normal Affiliate Link –

Cloaked Affiliate Link – DMcreator/ videoapp suite

You can also add a link cloaking plugin that will help you greatly and efficiently if you start doing it from the very beginning.

Third Rule – Do your proper research

One more important thing is what is the reputation of the merchant who has created the product.

Does he provide a good service to his customers because if a customer buys the product and then the service of the merchant is not good this will directly hit your goodwill?

So you must do proper research as many products seem very promising in the first place and later they stop behaving good and start ignoring the customer.

How you can do this all you need to do is search for some of his past products and see how customers have reacted toward his product and services and from there you can get knowledge about everything.

Fourth Rule – Promote the experience, not the product.

This is the thing which will give you the sale because everyone wants to know the real experience with that product and not only the features.

So you have to make a little investment for that product use each and every feature of that product and make a note.

After you are done with this process write a great review of the product and write all the points.

Like, write the pros and cons of the product why one should buy the product what are the special features that competitors of those products are not providing.

Then only you can make the visitor buy something from you and then only you can make a good commission.

New Products Are Hard To Sell

Don’t miss this thing out many beginners choose products which are paying high but they don’t understand that those products have not made their credibility in the market.

It’s very tough to generate single sales or lead by promoting a totally new product in the market.

So what you need to do is pick a product from your niche which one is already converting great and that will also convert well for you.

This can help you in many ways like you can build a good relationship with the merchant and can have great offers from them.

Let’s say there is a tool called click funnel and it converts great and there is some of its competitors which have low conversion rate so it will be great if you go for click funnel rather than its competitor’s product.

Email Marketing (The Money Is In The List)

If you have a great Email list of genuine buyers this means you can earn great easily.

Email Marketing is one of the most effective marketing as you build a good relationship with your customers through email.

You provide great value to them and then when you pitch them products the happily purchase them as they have great trust in you.

However, build a genuine email list quite hard but the thing is once you bypass this hard path you don’t need to struggle anymore.

And once you collected great numbers of emails you can now automate each and everything and all you need to do is analysis.

Do proper analysis read the data keep the data and work according to that you will start seeing the result in a few months.

Use of Content Marketing

Let me first clear you about the term then we will move further.

When we write a blog promoting anything on our website or we can say when we drive traffic to our blog or review about a product we called it content marketing.

So now what you need to do is write a very compelling article about the product you have chosen and try to drive traffic to the blog or page.

You can even check the conversion ratio of the product which will help you understand how many visitors you need to make a sale.

A lot of Affiliate Marketers are doing the same earning great so all you need is just to replicate the process and you can also earn well.

Promote with the help of Landing Page

A landing page must be very interesting you just can not sell a product with a simple pale landing page.

When you have a great landing page you are going to get great attention from the visitor or buyer.

There are many landing page builders in the market you can easily buy one or you can use Elementor if you want to create on your own.

Don’t try to sell the product directly to a customer rather you can show a demonstration where they get to know about the advantages of the product.

Let’s say you put an engaging video on your landing page to show how valuable the product is.

 Your visitors love the demonstration and they purchased the product.

So these are some methods that you can use to affiliate marketing and earn well.

If you have any questions regarding the article affiliate marketing strategies for beginners feel free to ask in the comment section.

I will try my best to make you understand things in the easiest way.

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