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Backlinks are one of the most important factors to rank any website on the top of Google.

If you have many high-quality backlinks linked back to your website will rank higher in your niche or it can top the result.

It is very difficult to gain even a single high-quality backlink in the starting phase of your website.

You have to pay attention to the relevance and authority of the link as a bad link can put a negative impact on your website.

First thing first, how many links should you build?

Everyone talks about which types of the link you should build but very few people talk about the velocity of building links.

So let’s talk about how many and how fast you should build a link

Some great minded people must have told you that the more link you build the better ranking you will get.

But just for once put yourself in the place of Google and think would you give better ranking to a website who has many backlinks without any quality check.

So why would Google give you a better ranking with the same case?

So the thing is that you should focus on the quality of the links rather than creating low-quality links.

A link from a relevant website can give you a great boost rather than 100s of links from a low-quality website.

So ultimately it doesn’t matter how many links you have built, it should be high quality and relevant to your niche.

Now we are done with how many links you should build and now let’s see how fast you should build those links.

Till the time you are building clean links, it won’t hurt your website in any manner even if you build links quite faster.

Many times it has been seen that building too many links in a new website can drop your website ranking in the first but after a few months a sharp jump will be seen on the website.

It even surpasses the earlier rankings but it can look unnatural in google’s eyes’ building a high amount of backlinks in the initial stages.

And one more important thing you should not build all your backlinks pointing to your home page.

You should distribute the links over the home page and internal pages in, during the initial phase you can build links focusing your home page but gradually shift your focus toward internal pages.

It is also quite difficult to get high-quality backlinks to your home page or sales page as to why would anyone link to a page that does not provide any value to its users.

So it is much easier to get a backlink to your blog posts.

Now if you build too many links fast Google won’t penalize you with penguin penalty as the links you are creating are healthy links.

So don’t worry about the penalty to build healthy links and see the boost your website will get.

And SEO takes time so be patient, you won’t going to get the result in a few days or weeks with for a few months with consistent hard work and you will see the result definitely.

Now let’s move to our next part which is about link profile.

What is Link Profile and how to build a good one?

A good link profile is where you do not over-optimize your anchor text and do not build the spammy links and let’s deep down a little bit and see how it actually works.

Nobody knows the actual algorithm but with case studies, experience and testing all the factors have been there that you know.

Google even penalizes websites indirectly like if you have built a backlink on a website that is spammy.

Now what will happen is Google’s crawler penalizes that website because of its spammy activity.

And bots will also find your link. They also hit your site’s ranking because of your linkage with the spammy website.

So let me go deeper and elaborate on the things.

Anchor texts are very important for SEO ranking, they are the clickable text which redirects you to the URL linked with the text.

You should diversify your anchor text as a single anchor will seem like spam so avoid creating backlinks with the same anchor text.

Let’s see how those anchor texts are divided and how and which one you should use for your website.

Branded Anchor Text

When you hyperlink the text which is actually your brand name those are called branded anchor text.

Here is the example if my company name is DMcreator so the anchor text will be DMcreator and it will redirect to the company website.

You can also combine your anchor text with some of your main keywords like in my case I can combine it with DMcreator Digital Marketing Institute (Diluted Anchor Text).

So your website can contain as much as 20% of this anchor which will not harm your website’s link profile.

Diluted Anchor Text

This means you simply don’t focus a keyword in your anchor text there are different words, some are related and some are not.

And this type of anchor is quite healthy for your link profile so you can use this method to keep your profile healthy.

Semantically Relevant Anchor Text

Google’s is now quite smart and it will also bring your website in the front when a query doesn’t even include your keywords but the content is relatable to the query.

Let’s take an example: you wrote an article on the topic of Internet Marketing but Google can also show your content for the query link Online Marketing.

So if you build links with anchors like Online Marketing when you have written an article on Internet Marketing it will help Google to understand things better.

So these types of the anchor can help your link profile to be diverse and healthy.

Create the link on relevant Website

This component is actually developed by Teoma and now this component is used by each and every search engine.

This component simply gives your links more priority if it is coming from a relevant source.

Let’s understand this with example assume you have a website on the Digital Marketing niche so if you get a backlink from a recipe site it won’t help your link profile much.

But in the same case if that backlink you gain from a website who writes in the topics of Digital Marketing it will surely make your link profile healthy and also give you a great boost.

Let’s dive a little bit deeper so here we are done with the relevance of the website now let’s talk about the relevance of the context.

If that particular Digital Marketing website writes a blog post and the topic was about anything that does not relate to Digital Marketing that content will also not going to make your link profile healthier.

Of course, that link will give a boost to your website but if the same link you will get from an article related to Digital Marketing that will make you like healthier and also you will see a great boost.

So you also have to pay attention to the context from where you are getting your link.

Impact of Fresh Links

Do you know even the freshness of a link matters a lot, like what would you like to 1000 bucks clothes of 1980 or 500 bucks clothes of 2020?

Similarly, a link built by you on a website with domain score 90 a few years back makes less impact on your website than a link built on 80 Domain Score a few months back.

That’s why off-page is a long-lasting activity so if you want to be at the top you have to build proper links on a regular basis.

Hierarchy of the link

Do you know how website structure actually works, if you don’t then read this article from Neil Patel and you will get to know how important website structure is?

So if you get a great link to your article that article will get ranked in the higher position of Google.

And when you do the internal linking to that particular article you will get a great ranking for all your pages linked to that article.

So a single article can give a great boost to so many different posts on your website.

And also if all your links are only linked to the home page it looks spammy in the eyes of Google and may also lose your rankings.

Do not buy Links

There are many different groups where you can easily buy some links for a few bucks.

But Google can detect that you have bought the link, don’t trust me to check here.

Think of that person is allowing you to put a link on his website for a few bucks, so he also allows others to pay and put their links on his website.

So it’s quite simple for Google to detect this kind of spam and then a huge penalty will be imposed on that particular website and you will also be hit by that penalty.

No. of referring pages

It will benefit a page more if more backlinks it gets. It will build a healthy profile of backlinks for that page or post.

But what if 90% of the links that page received is from the same website, does it help in building a healthy profile?


Google will only benefit you from the single link so it won’t help you much if you build lots of links on a single page or website.

Let’s take a simple example if you do leg exercise would that help other parts of your body, very little.

Similarly, 20 links from the same website are like doing a leg exercise and hoping everything will become better.

So work harder and try to gain more authority backlinks from different websites.

So now you have quite a good idea about the health link profile, so better is to create great content rather than spammy links.

Now let’s move to the next step on becoming a link building expert.

Create Your Own Link Building Strategy From Scratch

You must have an idea about the factors that Google takes into consideration while ranking websites.

There are more than 200 factors that are taken into consideration by Google to rank a website.

And if you pay attention you will realize that some contain high and some contain low importance.

And two most important factors are content and backlinks and if you write great to contain and don’t create good backlinks you won’t rank at the top.

So to get in the top you need to create good backlinks and for that, you need to have one good link building strategy.

So let’s see how you can develop that strategy. And maybe every second SEO guy will give you some different strategies.

So here I will highlight all the important elements which help you to get great links from a variety of reputable websites.

Make a list of Websites

The first thing that you have to do is find a website from where you want the backlinks.

As some websites can give great value to your website and some can even harm your website.

So first you need to find the websites which will give your website great value.

But if you are about working on a particular niche you must have an idea about a few authority websites of your niche.

Which can give a great boost to your website as you know they are an authorized entity in the eyes of Google.

So this is one way to build a list of sites let’s see the other way.

Competitor Analysis

By investing your few hours on investigating your competitor you can find a great website on which you can create your backlinks.

There are many different tools in the market that can help you with competitor analysis in paid as well as in free mode.

If your budget allows you, you can go for AHref which is a great competitor analysis tool.

But it is a little costlier so if your budget is not allowing you, you can simply use the free alternative which is ubersuggest.

Simply put the domain of your competitor in the ubersuggest and go to the backlink section and there you can see each and every backlink they have created.

Browse the list of the Backlinks they have created and select potential websites that are beneficial for you.

There is a good chance that they will link you as they have already given backlinks to your competitor.

So all you need is to create much better content than your competitor and pitch the person with your awesome content.

Content Matching

So before you pitch anyone first thing that you have to look for is what type of content they are posting on their website.

Everyone has their own likes and dislikes so you need to find their interest first and then you need to form your content according to that.

And this will surely increase your chance of getting approved for the link.

How to Pitch?

Now the last process is to pitch the website owner.

And it is not easy to form a new Email script for every second website so it will quite feasible for you if you used a single script with little modification.

Here is a great script by Backlino which you can use and this can help you with great conversion.

Email Script
Source – Backlinko

So if you need great backlinks you need to create great content that people will love to link to their website.

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