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Let’s start with short information about Pinterest then we will move to how to use Pinterest for Business Marketing.

Pinterest is a social networking site that allows its users to visually share and discovering new interest by pinning (Posting) videos and images on their own or other’s board and can also browse that others have pinned.

A board is a collection of usually with a common theme.

The actual concept of Pinterest is discovering the likeminded people who actually share their lifestyles, taste or interest.

You can understand it like Pinterest connect every one world with the help of things they find interesting.

And the best part about Pinterest is it also allows you to pin the things in your board from other persons board the things you feel interesting.

And like other social media, it also allows you to perform the standard social networking functions such as liking, commenting on other’s pins.

Ok, that’s about what is Pinterest now let’s see how fast Pinterest is growing which will be helpful with our Business prospect.

Here are a few Stats of Pinterest.

URL – https://pinterest.com

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) – Ben Silbermann

Founded On – March 2010

Headquarter – San Francisco, CA

Employees – 500+

Monthly Active users of Pinterest

300+ Million ( Last Updated – 03/09/2019)

Total Number of Pinterest Pins

200+ Billion (Last Updated – 03/09/2019)

Number of Total Pinterest Boards

4+ Billion (Last Updated – 03/09/2019)

Daily Shopping Pins on Boards

2+ Million (Last Updated – 03/09/2019)

Market Value of Pinterest

$18 Billion

Female Dominant

More than 70% of users are actually Females.

Best Audience

Per year Income of more than half the user is $50K or more than that and you know that higher the income means greater the purchasing power.

Why Pinterest is a great Business Platform?

They Provide Marketing Materials

They not just provide you a great platform but also they provide great valuable marketing materials to teach you can maximise your profit for your business.

Here you can read and learn them:

Your Pinstitute

Highly valuable workshops to help you connect with pinners, and get a huge return from Pinterest.


This helps greatly for small businesses to grow with the help of Pinterest marketing.

You can update yourself with the Pinterest blog to make huge profits and for marketing tactics.

Pinterest Analytics

It is one of the most awesome tools provided by Pinterest for business accounts. After verifying your account you will get access to awesome analytics dashboard which will help you with tracking important information.

This will help you to track all the important data and with the help of that, you can form your own strategies and content that work great to improve your results.

Rich Pins

There are five different kinds of Rich Pins which included more information than your general pins for the great results.

In the Rich Pins, you will get real-time price and stock updates, interactive map locations, & direct links to your website to boost your result.

More Setting Options

This option will help you to use your Business instead of that typical first + last name. And this means you can also add a Facebook page link to your Pinterest home page.

Methods to create popular Pins

If you have ever written a blog or create a YouTube video you must have worked upon a content that has searched, which means it will be a waste of time if you create content that does not have any kind of engagement.

The same thing is to happen with Pinterest if you are pinning something that the user doesn’t have any interest in it will be a complete waste of time.

And therefore before you think about pinning anything on Pinterest you must have to understand the culture of Pinterest like what are your followers/users searches for and according to that create a popular pin.

Great Popular categories

Great Popular categories

Quite a decent idea about the popular categories, you will definitely be going to get good traffic that will definitely improve your results.

Best Working Images

i) Clear high-resolution images are more visually appealing and professional.

ii) Lighter images pin 20 times more than dark.

iii) Images without faces get 23% more pins.

iv) Simple, Crisp photos highlight the message of your pins.

What should be the Pin Size?

736 x 1102 is considered to be the best size as it is not to or too small even the canvas’s Pinterest is this size.


The termed is actually coined by Pinterest which you can call synonym of Infographic which helps you to take advantage of longer length allotment.

The popularity of this is because of DIY & how-to-nature which is the second most popular category.

Pins Optimization – Forgetting your pins seen and shared

Creating an awesome pin is one thing but to get that pin seen and shared is a totally different thing, without optimizing your pins properly no one going to find it.

Sync with other social media

It’s always frustrating when you are starting something because no one is there to see your hard and creative work.

And when no one praises you for the creative work you start losing your confidence and that’s why syncing your other accounts that already have few followers can give you a little boost when someone likes and follow you.

And it is very much to connect your Pinterest Business account to your Facebook and Twitter account so just do it now and get more followers quickly.

What do you think is the best time to Pin?

This factor always depends upon the audience you are targeting, to find the best time to pin your content you have to do continuous testing with your content.

But some researched data shows that 8 PM – 1 AM EST and 2 PM – 4 PM EST is the best time to pin your content and if we talk about the day then Saturday morning is the best time to post.

Pinterest SEO

It is not the topmost factor according to the Pinterest but it will definitely be going to help you to get your pins discovered by the eyes of your targeted audience.

Here is the simple process that you have to follow-

i) Do keyword research with the help of Google Adword Planner Tool to find the popular keywords in your business/niche.

ii) Form your title using that keyword.

iii) Form your description using the keyword in your description.

iv) And last but not least use the keyword as your Pin’s image file name.

And always remember one thing that never overuses your keyword, don’t act like a robot be a human and act like that so use your keyword properly.

So now you have the proper knowledge about popular pins and how to get them seen to your potential customers.

Let’s talk about an important part of how to get more success, try to Read the Mind of your Customer, what your user is looking for & give them what they want and they will become your loyal customers.

There is a study made by The University of Minnesota on Pinterest and found that a user takes few things into consideration to follow any account.

i) A number of accounts you are following & Number of accounts following you back.

i) A number of pins you have

iii) And last but not the least number of Boards you have.

Few Factors for more Followers & Success –

i) Comment

 Make a habit of commenting on your follower’s pins, making it a two-way street reach their accounts comment on their pins lets them see you and they will start recognizing your brand gradually.

II) Engage with the audience

Take your customer engagement to the next level and address them directly by writing their names that will show how much you care about your audiences.

iii) Frequency

This is the case with every social media if want to gain more followers you must be frequent with your content.

In Pinterest, you must post 20-30 posts every day and it’s not like pinning other’s content but creating and posting your own unique content.

And maintain a gap of a few minutes before posting any new content to your account.

Like now I have covered almost every aspect of Pinterest that you will be needed to create, post and engage with your customer.

Now the last part is about tracking, I have already told you about the Pinterest Analytics where you can easily track all your data and reports.

Now use these data and report to grow your business and brand, and let me tell you how you can do it very easily.

Compare the data to last month and this month check which pins provide you the best results and try to create that kind of pins again.

And also track the keywords performing best and try to create those kinds of pins or post again.

I hope I have provided you the proper and enough information in this article that can help you to make your brand a huge success.

And if you have any questions about Pinterest marketing feel free to ask in the comment section.

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