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YouTube is the second largest search engine today but this might not be possible if the initial idea was successful.

In the year 2004 three PayPal employees Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, and Jawed Karim came up with an idea of the video version of online dating service.

But a due shortage of online dating videos at that time they had to change their plan and started accepting all kinds of videos.

Later on, Karim Leave the trio and Chen and Chad keeps the plan on track and made it a huge success.

Each day millions of users watch videos of billions of hours and every next minute more than 400 minutes of content uploaded.

You can find YouTube in 76 different languages and not only helping and entertaining individuals but also to a lot of big brands to grow.

But do you want to know how does YouTube generate their revenue when most of their videos are free to access, let’s discuss this in brief and then we will move forward?

YouTube Business/Revenue Model

It’s not the videos or content that YouTube sells but it’s the users of YouTube That they sell to advertisers.

In the month of May in 2019 at a marketing event, YouTube revealed that they have more than 2 billion monthly active users.

And there are so many potential customers that different brands can attract and YouTube charges from the brands to show their ads to those potential customers.

And YouTube pays the creator some amount so that they also grow so the best thing is YouTube only manages the things and its creator is generating money for it.

But when a creator gets lots of subscribers then companies started approaching them to show their products to their audiences and creators get paid for that.

So companies get branding creators to get money and people get to know about new-new interesting things.

So it’s a win-win situation for everyone but wait when a company will pay you, when you have a good amount of engaging subscribers, and to get subscribers you need to rank in the top and to rank you have read this article till the end.

So let’s dive in to know how to rank a YouTube video and earn a good amount of money from that.

# Keyword Researching for YouTue

Using the right keyword for the right video is the main thing to make your video rank at the top.

So do good research to collect the right keywords for your video to make a list of them and optimize them properly in your video.

Because without using the right keywords, SEO for YouTube will not going to be possible.

And you know there are so many different keywords which have high search volume in google but very low in google and vice versa.

So with a good keyword, you can attract lots of viewers to your channel and can make a huge profit.

But the question that arises here is how to search those high search volume keywords.

Here I am sharing my personal methods which I use to find the best keywords for my YouTube videos.

YouTube Keyword Suggestion Bar

Here is the easiest way to find a great keyword on YouTube with the help of YouTube Keyword Suggestion Bar.

You just need to open YouTube go to the suggestion bar and enter your query or keyword and it will automatically show you the most searched keywords.

You don’t even have to write the whole keyword you just have to start and it will show you many suggestions in which you can work.

Here you can see the example.

YouTube Suggestion Bar

These keywords which YouTube is suggesting has very high CTR (click-through rate) which means how many impressions your video is getting and how many people are actually clicking on it to watch your video.

This is a very important metric as from CTR YouTube get to know great your video is performing and YouTube started giving a push to your video and gradually you stared ranking on the top.

But wait there is something more that can help you to find more keywords to use for SEO for your video.

Use an underscore before you write any keyword in the bar and it will show you all the words people are using before your keywords.

Isn’t it was a great way to find more great keywords to use for your videos and rank.

Here is an example of that.

YouTube Keyword Suggestion Bar Example

You can use the same trick by just moving your underscore in the end or in between and you can see the result by yourself.

# Keywords for SERP

Getting your video rank on Google SERP will give you 2x to 6x more views so this is the next level thing and let’s see how you can do this.

To make your video ranked on google you need to do your SEO according to Google means you have to insert some golden keywords which have a high probability to make your video ranked on Google.

Most of the time Google shows us website results in the SERP but sometimes it shows us video results along with the websites and these are the keywords that you have to insert in your videos.

If you will get more videos for that particular keyword means that keyword is more video-friendly keyword.

Below I mentioned a few keywords which you have to use with your topics so that you will get ranked on Google SERP.

  • Watch
  • Video before Keyword
  • Reviews
  • Tutorials
  • How to before keyword

Here you can see the example.

Keywords For SERP

So now you just have to search for the keywords of your niche and insert them in your video and you can see the boosted results.

Let’s move to our next method of finding great keywords.

# Keyword finding tools

Unfortunately, there isn’t any official tool for YouTube keyword researching as we have with Google and there are some tools that only kickback numbers from Google Keyword Planner.

But you’re lucky I have researched some good tools which can help you with YouTube keyword research.


TubeBuddy Example

Free chrome extension TubeBuddy adds a sidebar whenever you start a YouTube video.

And it will provide you many different kinds of data like competition, estimated global search volume, the overall score for your keyword.

And the company says that it will help you to find the best keyword to target that will be based on search volume and competition which is the best thing.

And these two factors are the most important thing to target any keyword.



Here is another free extension for you to help you with the keyword finding.

You won’t find much difference from TubeBuddy so you will be able to find related queries, search volume, competition, overall keyword score, keyword score and tags from high ranking keywords.

We don’t know the actual formula they use to find the competition as they haven’t mentioned anything about that However, we get to know that view velocity of the video, the amount of engagement and views are the factor that they use to show the result.

Morning Fame

Morning Fame

A keyword research and analytics-focused tool Morning Fame is an invite-only tool and keyword researching will be more fun with Morning Fame.

So the first month is totally free to use and from next month they will going to charge you a few dollars.

.This is quite different from TubeBuddy and VidiQ as Morning Fame does its keyword researching in four different steps.

They have two different processes that you can follow to generate awesome keywords for your videos.

  • Write the search term in the search bar and they will provide you a whole lot of data to work upon.
  • What if you do not have any particular search term, then you can paste the URL of any video which influenced you and it will again show you great data and you can use that to find your keyword.

Google Trend

Google Trend

With the help of Google Trends, you can see whether the interest of that particular search term is increasing or not.

You can see in the image that I have searched SEO video in the search bar and it gave the following results.

With time the interest of the keyword is kept on increasing which indicates that you can use this particular keyword within your video to rank for this keyword.

Google Trend Keywords

Google trend also helps you to find new topics or keywords for your video and you can find them in the related queries section.



This is a free tool for researching YouTube keywords in a bulk.

You will get keywords divided into for different tabs:

1 – Keyword Suggestion

You will get all the autosuggest keyword here except those which are formatted as questions.

2 – Questions

Here you will get all the keywords formatted as questions.

3 – Prepositions

In this tab, you will get the keywords which contain preposition (for, from, after, etc.)

4 – Hashtags

Here you will get the best hashtags that you can use for your videos.

# Audience Retention Importance and process

One of the most important factors to rank your video is to audience retention, let’s first understand the meaning of audience retention that we will move further.

It simply means how long a viewer is watching your videos.

Suppose you created a video and viewers are leaving your video at an early stage so that means your video is not providing what viewers are looking for in a video.

And YouTube’s algorithm will analyze the data and get to know that your videos are getting clicks but the retention factor is very low so it will start decreasing the rank of your video.

There are two different types of retention first one is Absolute audience retention and the second one is Relative audience retention.

Absolute Audience Retention

Here you will be able to see what percentage your viewers have watched your video.

If in the first 15 sec your viewer drops the video it means probably don’t have the things which your viewers are wanting.

So pay deep attention to the first 15 sec of your video.

Relative Audience Retention

How much watch time your video is getting compared to the videos having the same length.

Let’s simply this, if your video is being watched longer than the videos having the same length it means your video is doing well.

Let’s discuss a few ways to can increase these factors and make your video rank in the top position.

Attractive Thumbnails and Title

Thumbnails are images that your viewers see first which they make or break the impression, as we always say the first impression is the last impression.

So make your thumbnails cool and attractive which increases your viewer’s curiosity and they ultimately click on your video.

Viewers also get attracted with the Titles you made all you need to do is create curiosity and you will get the click to your video 


Make your introduction interesting and attractive in that way you can influence your viewer.

Think about yourself when you see a great and interesting introduction of any channel do you get influenced if yes then the same thing will happen with your viewers.

Create Short Videos

I don’t need to tell you more about this as you must have experienced this by yourself.

They are actually much more engaging than long videos as our concentration span is kept on decreasing.

One more advantage of creating short videos is that once he gets completed the chances of clicking on the other video are much higher.

And you also don’t have to make much effort to create a small video compared to long videos.

And most of us are always in a hurry so creating a shorter video will give you benefit in that way also as your viewers will watch your video rather than those long ones.

Playlist Linking

Once your viewer completed watching your videos they will leave your channel if you don’t serve your next video.

So linking your playlist to your video is a great way to make them engage with your video this will also increase the session time and ultimately help your video to rank on the top.

Keep the best thing at the end

Let’s say you are creating a video of the 10 best ways to reduce hair fall so do mention in the starting that don’t miss the 9th one this will completely cure your hair fall problem.

By doing this you will keep your viewer till the end of the video and your watch will increase so as your ranking.

Don’t get distracted

Here I mean when you make a video try to keep the track don’t distract your viewers with something else.

If you create a video about hair fall remedy then don’t mention the face even the cure will help something else at one time solve only one problem.

# Promotion

When you first create a channel nobody actually knows you so you have to promote your content or channel so that people started knowing you.

Even big YouTubers are shared their content at the initial stage and people started liking their work and now they have become celebrities.

For that, you have to do a little hard work as you have to dedicate your time to the promotional part.

Free Promotional Methods


Quora’s community helps you to get the best possible answers for any of your problems.

So Quora is a Question and Answer social community platform where members help each other to solve their problems.

Now let’s see how Quora can help you to rank your video, first, you need to find the category related to your niche.

Now find the question and create a video answering the question and if you already have that kind of video you can embed that video there.

In that you will get a huge number of views as well as your ranking will start improving.

Give it a try and you will thank me later as Quora is a huge platform with millions of active users you just need to target your customer properly.

Use Forums

As we do blog commenting for the promotion of a website in the same way we can do forum commenting.

Go to a forum find a relatable thread with your video the comment there a possible solution and then embed your video there.

Many times some great thread started showing in the SERP if that in your case you will be going to get huge no. of views.

If not at least people in that thread and members of that forum will definitely watch your video if you have created an interesting video with attractive title and thumbnail.

Use Reddit for quality viewers

There are 330 million active users of Reddit so this is actually a huge platform where you can target your targeted customers.

And most of the users on Reddit are from top tier countries and that’s why you will get great viewers from Reddit.

Reddit works upon karma, upvotes, and downvotes so all you need is to increase your karma.

But how to do that?

That’s very simple all you need to do is comment on other’s posts and gradually start posting your posts to the subreddits.

Don’t try to span there as their rules are very strict and they block you immediately, so don’t do promotional things try to make it as you are helping them.

Take the help of Facebook Pages and Groups

Facebook has the most number of active users which is 2 billion people and keeps on increasing day by day.

This means a huge audience for you to promote your content but you only have a few friends in your friend list so how to target them?

Search for the pages which are relevant to your content and then see the no. of members that page has.

After that, you can post your video on that group and if you got approved you are going to get a huge no of views and if your video is great you will get a lot of subscribers too.

Paid Promotional Methods

Facebook Ads

This is my personal strategy to create a Facebook page of your brand and start a Facebook page as an ad.

You can easily get a good amount of likes on your page by just investing a small amount of money but with consistency.

So when gradually you make a huge list of members you can now pitch your product (your content) to them.

Make an interesting thumbnail which will attract your member to click on your content.

And from there you can create a good amount of subscribers and if huge no. of people are watching your videos for a long time it will automatically put your video on the top.

And in the same way, if you have a blog rather than a channel you can also put that blog’s link in the stories and in the feed-in, that way to can generate a huge no. of visitors for your blog.

When you will the link in the story create a great thumbnail with the attractive title on it and then share that link in the story.

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