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When a person starts writing an article after writing a few great articles they get confused about what to write next.

But generating unlimited content ideas is not that much tough all you need is proper knowledge about the resources from where you can steal the idea.

When you create any content first thing you need to think about is what problem you will be going to solve your reader.

As most of the time when people search for any query, they want the solution and if you solve their problem properly they will become your loyal readers.

So first thing we need to find the question which people are searching for and they search that problem in many places and we can take the leverage of that question.

So if you can find these questions you have your content idea ready and now you have to write a good solution for that problem.

Now Let’s see the sources from where you can take the leverage

1- Forums

If you check the world wide web properly you will find there are lots of forums that are a great source of generating content ideas.

There different types of forums like General Forums and industry-specific from us and each of them have their own benefits.

General Forums

If you have a website that is on a multiniche you can check these forums and there you will get great content ideas.

For your general niche, you can visit Quora which is the biggest question answer platform in the world and people are asking thousands of questions on a daily basis.

So all you need to do is go on these forums and decide the niche in which your next article will be and then search for your niche and there you will get a lot of different ideas and now you can create content on these topics.

Industry-Specific Forums

If you have a website related to a specific niche than there are lots of different niche based forums for you.

There, members of the forum ask so many different questions that you can use as your content.

Provide them good solutions and you can also make them your long-lasting and loyal customers.

2 – Facebook Group

Facebook Group is one of the best places to find great content ideas for your niche based or general website.

There are a lot of different groups that you can join and formulate your content with the help of the questions which people ask them.

Once you started providing great value to the members of the groups then the moderator even approves your links and from there you can easily start getting a great amount of traffic.

And you can also monetize your traffic with different methods and you easily earn from that traffic.

Even some of those groups have millions of members so if you provide great values to your group members you can earn well from there.

3 – Reddit

Reddit is a great platform to gain great knowledge for any particular topic there are huge restrictions regarding promotions.

There are subreddits in which you can join and generate good content ideas by reading the questions they have asked.

And if you want to share any link first you have to take permission from the moderator of the subreddit that only you can promote your link.

And to get the approval you need to provide a good amount of value to the member of the subreddit then only you will get the approval.

4 – Hashtags (#)

Hashtags are a great way to find great content all you need to do is follow popular hashtags.

Those popular Hashtags will provide you a great idea which you can convert into great content.

There are lots of different popular hashtags you can follow the one which is actually helpful for you.

5 – SlideShare

Once there were 70 million unique visitors per day and Alexa listed SlideShare as one of the most visited websites.

So now you can guess the importance of SlideShare and there are many people who are on a regular basis upload great content.

So from there you can get great content ideas and create great content that can help you get good traffic to your site.

6 – Interviews

Do you listen to the interviews of the expert of your niche there are lots of things to learn from them?

They have great experience in a particular field and with experience, they also gained great knowledge.

So if you listen to their interviews there are a lot of things for you to learn from them to apply in your life.

And as they have immense knowledge they also share the things about the latest trend and from there you can generate great content ideas.

7 – Website’s Comment Section

From Your Website

You surely have a comment section on your own website and in some of your articles, you must have got some comments.

So go there and see if people have asked you any questions there, if so then first give him a satisfactory reply.

Now if that reader has that question there must be many people out there who also want the answer to the same question.

So now what you have to do is create great informative content answering that question in-depth and you have great content that people are actually searching for.

From Other’s Website

So now what if you have just started and nobody has commented on your website till now.

Now what you can do is, go on to your competitor’s website or land on some great blogs and there goes on to their comment section.

There you will find some people who must have asked questions regarding that particular blog or any other questions.

So there you will get great content ideas to create great content and also if you can provide the link to them you will get a good amount of traffic as well.

8 – Google Search Console

Google search console is one of the most favorite tools of mine, it is a free tool provided by Google to check the indexing of the contents.

So now how it can help you generate content ideas, there is an option named performance you can see there the keywords on which you are getting ranked.

Now you can update those content and you will start seeing the hike within a few days.

9 – Google Analytics

Google Analytics is such a great tool that tells you from where you are getting your traffic.

Google Analytics gives you a code that you have to put in the head section of your website and with the help of that code Analytics tracks each and every action of the visitor.

After tracking it organizes the data means which visitor has come to your website from which channel and then gives you a detailed report which can help you to generate your next content.

For that, you have to see which channel is working best for you and you have to generate content that is trending in that particular channel.

10 – Google Search Suggestion Box

Google is very intelligent, whenever you’re about search for something it will automatically give you some suggestions before even you complete your query.

Those suggestions which Google gives you are the queries which people are actually searching on Google.

So now you know what people are actually searching on Google and the source is also very authentic so now you can create great content on that particular topic.

11 – Google Related Searches

One more high authentic source to find the great content idea is Google Related Searches as it is provided by Google so you can rely on these ideas.

Whenever you search for something you get ten results in front of you on the first page and you might have also seen sometimes in the bottom Google provides few related searches so these are the searches that also search.

So you can add these queries in your content if they are related to your content or if not you can create a total fresh content.

12 – Popular Newsletters

There are so many popular Newsletters on the internet from where you can gain great knowledge.

If you haven’t subscribed to them then go and do subscribe to them like MOZ, Backlinko, Ahref Blog, and you will surely thank me later also do subscribe to my blog too.

If you read their blog you will get to know about many things and also the latest trend on which people are talking and now you have the content idea so go and create a great blog.

13 – Amazon

World’s biggest e-commerce platform is also a great content idea generator if you know how to generate that.

Amazon claims that they have more than 5 Cr. products have listed on their website and more than 206 million people visit Amazon on a monthly basis.

So you can find the best seller products from amazon or which you think will work great and create great content around the product.

So when people will search on Google about that product your website will be on top and you will get great traffic to your website.

So these are a few different ways to generate great content and for your website and we will also update this list in the future so do subscribe to our newsletter too for awesome content.

And if you have any kind of question regarding this feel free to ask in the comment section.

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