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“Money is in the List”

Have you ever heard this sentence before if yes then great you must have some knowledge about how does E-mail Marketing work and how to build an email list for affiliate marketing?

If you don’t know then be with me for a few minutes and you will get to know the meaning of this sentence and how exactly E-mail Marketing works and also how to build an Email list for Affiliate Marketing.

Have you ever received an e-mail from any person or a brand promoting any of their products and you just ignored?

But they didn’t stop there, they again mail you with some offer and keep you bribing until you buy the product or unsubscribe them.

But that was an old school trick you just can’t mail anybody without their prior permission otherwise they can even sue you.

And if you have prior permission or just keep on mailing them to buy your product they will unsubscribe you at the end.

Today if you want someone to buy your product you need to provide them some value first be it in any form.

First, you need to make a good relationship with your subscriber, provide them valuable kinds of stuff that can help them to solve their problems.

And if you solve their problem for free just once they definitely start trusting you and then you can pitch your product to them.

And don’t just stop their keep providing value to your users so that it will be a long term relationship and you can pitch your product to them for a long time.

So that’s about building trust which plays a major role when you pitch any product to them.

They will definitely click to your link as you have build trust among them but what if the product you want them to buy is not a valuable product.

They will not buy the products even the trust factor will be hurt tremendously and from the next time, they will not even open your mail.

So be sure before pitching any product to your customer about what value the product will provide to them.

And form your content around that value and then mail them about the product with the value factor.

So that was about Building trust and providing valuable product and now we will see some stats that will help you to recognize the potential of E-mail Marketing.

General E-mail Marketing Stats

How to build an email list for affiliate marketing
Source – Freepik.com

· People buy 138% more who marketed through Emails than people do not receive offers through Emails.

· The number of active users Gmail has is 1 Billion which makes it a great platform for marketers.

· Every day almost 205 Billion Emails are sent and by the end of 2019 it will reach up to 246 Billion.

· Businesses up to 49% use some form of E-mail automation.

· Among millennial Emails is the most preferred way of business communication.

· 80% of retail professionals say that E-mail marketing is the best way to drive their customers on board.

· Women are more attentive to Emails than men. In fact, each month women spend 7 minutes more than men do.

Email Marketing Stats for Mobile & Social Media

Email Marketing Stats

· Sending Emails without optimizing it means 80% of your user will going to delete it.

· A Mobile phone user checks the Emails 3X more times than not a non-mobile user.

· Email is more helpful than Facebook and Twitter as it helps to acquire new customers 40% more than Facebook and Twitter.

· You are more likely to get a click-through email instead of a tweet.

· Internet users are growing at the pace of 10% per year whereas Smartphone users are growing at a pace of 20+ percent.

· A huge number of Smartphone users that is 88% users actively check their emails on their phone that make this app the most popular app whether in Android or IOs.

· You are likely to get 3 times more share from users who open your content through the mail than any other channel.

Strategy Stats of Email Marketing

· E-mail marketing is rated as the most effective marketing channel by 64% of companies worldwide.

· As you increase the images in your email content the click-through rate will start decreasing so try to keep it clean with less or no image.

· But adding video will be a great help as it can increase your click-through rate by 300%.

· There is also the best time to send your email which has the highest click-through rate and the timing is 11 a.m. EST.

· Relevant Emails bring more revenue than Broadcast E-mail which is 18 times more.

· As I have already told you about taking permission before emailing anyone and 77% of people prefer to take permission to their user before sending them any mail.

· If you have word donate in your subject line it will go to reduce your open rate by 50%.

· Because of receiving too many Emails from brands 78% of consumers unsubscribe from their email lists.

· Most of the users sign up through email hoping for a reward in the future.

So now you have enough information about Email marketing and how does It work and how effective Email marketing actually is.

So now let’s move to our main topic that is –

How to build an E-mail list for affiliate marketing

How Build an E-mail list for affiliate marketing

1) Use Pop-Ups

Use pop-ups in your website, whenever a user comes to your website make sure a Pop-up comes up that asks your visitor for their Email Ids.

But why would anyone give you their E-mail ID to you and for that you need to create awesome content that will help them somehow?

Try to make them educate with your awesome content so that they themselves want to read your content and happily give their details to you.

If they are visiting your website for the first time probably they won’t give their detail to you before reading your content so make sure when they are about to leave one more pop-up comes up to make them remember to subscribe to your newsletter.

2) Put Subscription Form in your Website

Whenever a visitor comes to your site and he liked your content and wants more content from you so at that point this subscription form helps them.

But again for that, you need to create high-quality content that creates value for your visitor and helps them to solve their problem.

Don’t try to ask for so many details of your subscriber, because with the number of details you increase chances of your user filling the form will decrease.

So try keeping it short and simple which works the best.

3) Use Paid Ads

Paid Ads
Source – Freepik.com

Facebook ads are the best way to build your e-mail list quick and easy. You have a few different options with Facebook Ads like you can directly generate leads or you can send the traffic to the landing page and collects their details there.

For that, you can create different types of lead magnets that will help you to gather the details of your targeted user.

Now, what is Lead Magnet?

Lead Magnet is anything valuable that you give your user for free and ask for their details.

It can be anything like any E-book, software, free course or cheat sheet that can act as a problem solver for them.

Now you have two options Lead Generation ads or Traffic ads.

Lead Generation ads

In lead generation for you can easily create a form provided by Facebook and write a text, put an image and run the Ad.

And whenever a person clicks on the lick first he needs to fill the form then he can download the freebie you are offering.

And that’s how you will get the details of your targeted customer.

Traffic Ads

In traffic ads, you need to create a landing page where you can send the traffic with the help of Facebook paid ads.

On the landing page, you can set up a form where your visitor will fill his details and you will get his details.

Or you can set up a form on the download button for the freebie and whenever a person clicks on the download button an automatic form will appear and there your visitor can fill the form and get the freebie.

So Facebook is the best way to collect the details of your targeted customer as with the website it takes a long time to get the daily visitor on your blog.

I hope the article helps you to learn E-mail marketing and now you know how important it is to have a genuine E-mail list.

It is a onetime investment that makes you a lot of profit for the whole life and it is very easy to perform the only thing you need to start is your passion & Dedication Toward Digital Marketing.

So try to make your own list so that you can earn huge commissions from email in the long run.

Wait this is not the end now you know how to build an Email list for affiliate marketing but do you know they will unsubscribe you if you don’t nurture them properly.

Everyone wants loyal paying customers and so do you and that needs proper care of your customer and here I will you how you can do that.

How to nurture your email list?

Just follow these simple steps and you won’t lose any of your subscribers from your Email list and they will also become your loyal customer gradually.

Welcome your customer properly

The first impression is the last impression, you must have heard this somewhere and this is actually very true.

When a subscriber first subscribes to your email list and receives a great welcome message it will show him that you actually care about your customers properly.

So create a great impression and this impression will help you to make him/her a loyal customer of yours.

Show them your affection toward them. They must feel like they are in a new relationship when love is at the peak.

And this peak point is great as they start falling in love with you (Your Content) and their trust will reach to the next level.

And here the first part is done and let’s move to the next part of nurturing your customer.

A long gap can affect your relation

Think you come up in a relationship and after a few days you didn’t meet her/him for a long time because of your time schedule or some reason.

What do you think? Will it affect your relationship somehow? And you know the answer, it will affect the relationship.

So the same thing will happen here your customer subscribes to you and after a few days, you stopped mailing them.

So your customer will notice this as whenever something unusual happens we notice so when they stop receiving mail they will surely notice.

And this will somewhere hamper the impression that you have made initially.

So we need to build a good connection with them and we send them content at a particular time interval.

Don’t be a desperate

Don’t be a desperate

You got my point right, ok still let’s elaborate it a bit when you become too cheesy it will make your partner uncomfortable.

And the same thing will happen with your customer if you become over sales-y it will frustrate your customer and ultimately he will unsubscribe your email list.

And it is actually one of the top reasons due to which more and more subscribers unsubscribe from an email list.

So now you know that you don’t have to become over sales-y and also do not become cheesy and maintain a healthy relationship.

Understand why they have subscribed your list

They haven’t subscribed to your list to buy something from you or receive promotional newsletters from you.

They have subscribed to your list to get something valuable which can help them somehow or add some knowledge and experience.

So you need to send great valuable content to your subscriber in some interval of time which ultimately makes them your true and loyal customers.

Know your customer’s interest

Do not add all your subscribers in a single list, I mean you must have generated different Email lists with different lead magnets.

Let’s say one of your lead magnets focused on premium products and another one focused on budgeted products.

So now if you send the same to both the segments they must get irritated and ultimately unsubscribe your list.

So do segment your Email list properly and it will help you build good relationships as you only provide content that they are actually looking for.

I hope you get some amount of value from this post ad if you have any questions feel free to ask in the comment section.

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