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You must have come across various forms of marketing that companies use to promote or sell their services or products.

But until the last decade passed Digital Marketing was not very much there in the picture to promote or sell the services or products.

You may have searched for Direct Marketing vs Digital Marketing but then people don’t that much of interest to know about this topic.

It’s because the technology was not that advanced at that time like social media was at its initial phase.

But with time as technology start growing companies started adapting and then came the era of Digital Marketing.

Today every company has a good amount of budget for their Digital Marketing campaigns to sell their products or services.

What is Marketing?

You can say it as a way to spread the news, knowledge, and offerings about your businesses and services

When implemented correctly people started noticing your brand and start becoming your customer which ultimately makes you the profit.

The growing and sustainability of business are highly depending on its marketing campaign be it Director Digital campaign.

 So in this article, we will discuss Direct Marketing Vs Digital Marketing and how you can use them to scale your business.

Let’s Understand Direct Marketing

Direct Marketing
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It is also known as Direct Response marketing, companies communicate directly to pre-selected customers and supply a method for direct supply.

Direct Marketing has existed for so many years where people use to go on the streets with post flyers, handouts coupons, install signage and even go door to door to make a sale.

Let me give you an example, all the mails that you didn’t ask for you can take them as direct marketing.

In Direct Marketing people approaches you directly and show you their product and you and enquire about each and every part at that point in time.

Advantages of Direct Marketing

1) It is a great way to make you remember things if as our brain works in this way, like whenever you find something unusual your mind capture that and remembers for a long time.

So it is a great way for brands to keep their customers informed about their brand that helps to generate sales.

2) It’s much easier to close a window or pop-ups when they want you to buy something but it is much harder when someone in front of you showing their product and the product is actually good.

Let me tell you an incident, one day he went to the mall just to watch the new arrivals not to buy anything and while he was roaming in the blazer department suddenly a sales boy came to him and showed him a nice piece of blazer he tells him that he was not about to buy anything but the sales boy insisted him to try that one.

So he did and that was actually a nice piece of blazer and then the sales boy threw his secret weapon and told him that they are offering a nice matching t-shirt with a blazer and did little buttering and that’s it, a person who was not supposed to buy anything end up purchasing a nice piece of blazer just because of that sales boy.

And now compare a pop-up window that appears on your computer screen with that salesperson would that pop-up have the ability to convince you in this manner obviously no, so that is the power of Direct Marketing.

3) You always have high faith intangible things which make Direct Marketing Much More Effective.

Disadvantages of Direct Marketing

With having some advantages Direct Marketing also has a few disadvantages as we are living in a faster-paced world than we did over a decade ago.

1) Direct Marketing can be considered as an old fashioned format that fewer companies are using when it is about promoting their business.

2) If you don’t have a hefty budget Direct Marketing is not for you as it cost a lot to print ads, coupons, flyers and more. It is also a big reason why not many companies are using this method to promote their products.

3) Why would you use any method in this era which will not allow you to track your campaigns like how much cost you have to pay for a single sale or lead, how your campaign is performing and all that?

Now Let’s Understand Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing
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Digital Marketing is all about marketing your products and services digitally to your online customers with the help of modern technology.

There are so many different methods in digital marketing that can help you to earn a huge amount of money but that needs patience, experience & knowledge.

We will discuss all the earning methods in digital marketing in another article.

Digital Marketing includes so many different factors in itself like SEO, SMO, and PPC, etc but we will talk about those in another article in depth.

Here I will give a short description so that you can understand them a little bit.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Generally, SEO is of two types On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO.

In on-page SEO we generally cover the internal part of a website like optimizing keyword, optimizing images, fixing the load time of a website and so many other things to make our website search engine friendly.

In off-page SEO we do the backlinking part of our website which helps us to push our website rank in the Google SERP.

In the past creating backlinks was quite easy but today it is very hard to create high-quality backlinks for your website that actually help to rank your website.

Advantages of Digital Marketing

1) With just sitting at your home you can easily target a whole lot of customers around the world and can make a huge profit. That is the power of Digital Marketing which is impossible with direct marketing.

E-commerce & Affiliate marketing a great example of that, have you heard about Amazon who doesn’t that make it possible for everyone to order anything from anywhere with the help of Digital Marketing.

2) If you run a campaign in any digital platform you can easily track each and everything with the help of different analytic tools.

This tracking will help you a lot to compare current data with past data so that you can evaluate the performance.

Evaluating performance can help you to know which method or platform is performing best for you and you can easily scale that and earn more revenue or drive more traffic.

3) Money becomes a huge barrier when you want to run advertisements with direct marketing and low with a budget it is almost impossible to run campaigns with Direct Marketing.

And Digital Marketing solves this problem very easily with a very low budget you can easily run a campaign with different Digital platforms and also it provides a great ROI as you can track your whole campaign all the time.

4) Digital Marketing is the best way to make your brand or your content viral which is not in the case of Direct Marketing.

Viral Marketing is a great concept of Digital Marketing which can give you or your brand great fame and fame is always connected with money so with viral marketing anyone can earn a handsome amount of money.

5) Technology has made Digital Marketing so much easier that even a child can easily access it and earn money, which is actually happening like so many little artists are earning huge money that not even a well educated is earning.

Disadvantages of Digital Marketing

1)  Do you remember the example that I have given above about my friend how he got sold to that salesperson, that things are almost impossible with Digital Marketing as you don’t have any connection with that person.

2) In Digital Marketing it takes a lot of time to create trust as that person is not known to you and also you don’t know him, so without trust sale is a very hard thing.

Gradually you provide something valuable things and he starts trusting you and then only you can pitch him to buy your product wherein Direct Marketing a totally unknown sales boy can make you buy a product with his marketing talent.

3) As Digital Marketing is totally based on technology it is quite risky sometimes like a failure of server or device can put you in big frustrating problems.

Sometimes you pay for something and you get something else which of no use for you and you have to wait again for the product that you have already paid for.

How You Can Use Both to Scale Your Business

For your Business Growth
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So if you want to scale your business you have to use both in such a way which helps your business to earn more revenue as in the end it is all about earnings.

Digital Marketing is a part of marketing so the fundamentals are the same but doing things is different.

So if you have a totally offline business do try to use digital marketing at some point like you can use social media for the branding of your business and also many more ways are there.

And if you are totally in Digital Marketing you can use direct marketing at some point to build a relationship with your customers so you can have a long term relationship with your customer.

I hope this article helps you somehow to get the information you are searching for and if not feel free to ask anything I will try my best to answer you in the easiest and simple way.

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