Did you know that in the year 2019 global digital advertising was about $333.25 billion?

And this amount is increasing as more and more people are moving online.

Businesses now know that their potential customers are now online and if they want profit they have grown in the online world also.

You can easily see that today every big company is using digital marketing to advertise its product.

As digital marketing helps them to advertise the products more efficiently and accurately.

As with digital marketing they can actually target their potential customer and can also see the real-time data.

And can also modify the campaign as per the requirement of the market.

So this is about the advantages of digital marketing for the companies but what about the students. What are the benefits of digital marketing for students?

These are the benefits of digital marketing for students.

1. Huge scope in the field of Digital Marketing

2. Interesting career options

3. Great earning potential

4. Place and time flexibility

5. No requirement of specific educational qualification

6. Can gain a good following

7. Less hard work and more smart work

Now let’s elaborate on these points so that you can understand them better.

1 – Huge Scope

This is one of the most sought after careers in India and even abroad, and you can easily understand that by seeing the number of digital marketing institutes opening these days.

This is also quite great for students as now they can have good no. of options and also they can choose the best among them.

Let’s first talk about job opportunities in the field of Digital Marketing.

Do you have an Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, or Twitter account, let’s assume you have one of them.

And you operate your handle on a daily basis so you must have encountered ads running on those platforms.

So who runs those ads, a Digital Marketer so now you can think about how many organizations are there, and they run lots of ads for Branding, Advertising, and sales.

And there many other different works we will discuss those things in detail in this article below.

And also if you want to know about the Digital Marketing job scope simply open Naukri.com and search for Digital Marketing and you will get your answer.

Below you can see the screenshot I have taken and for the real-time data, you can search by yourself.

benefits of Digital Marketing for students In India

You can see how many jobs are there in different cities and in the upcoming time, this will surely grow immensely.

So this is about the scope of a job in the field of Digital Marketing.

Now let’s see how you can start something of your own with the help of Digital Marketing.

There are many different ways you can build something of your own like blogging, affiliate marketing, & dropshipping and there are also many other ways to earn with digital marketing.

Let me elaborate on these things for you.


When you create a platform and start sharing your personal views on a particular topic which provides value to your reader that what blogging is all about.

Affiliate Marketing

When you simply take a product that was created by someone else you started promoting it and for per sale you get some commission from the owner or manufacturer that is what Affiliate Marketing is.


Here you again take a product created by someone else and start promoting it but the difference here is you fix the price of the product here and when you get a sale you get the margin that you have fixed by yourself.

Now you have quite a good idea about the scope of digital marketing so let’s move to our next point.

2 – Interesting Career Options

Digital Marketing is a vast field where a variety of career options are available that you can opt and here we will look at them one by one and you can choose the best suitable for you.

SEO Expert

An SEO expert needs to perform the ON page and OFF Page SEO. In the ON Page SEO, you need to fix the technical part of your website whereas in OFF Page SEO you need to do the promotion of the website online.

You have to do good research and perform the tasks on the basis of that data. An SEO knows how to build the website which attracts its visitor and convinces them for the task they want their visitor to do.

PPC Expert

There are many businesses that want the first place, but ranking organically (through SEO) is very hard so they attract their visitors with the help of ads.

A PPC Expert (Pay Per Click) runs campaigns to attract visitors to the website to make their visitors do the task they want.

Email Marketing Expert

Email Marketing is a huge field today. Marketers are getting huge success with the help of email marketing but require good copywriting knowledge to attract your customers.

Social Media Marketing Expert

Social media is a great way where brands can do their marketing and branding at a low cost.

A social media expert knows how to engage the customer with the brand so that whenever a person wants to buy something they will think about that particular brand.

There are many other different options in the field of digital marketing which you can opt according to your suitability.

And now we are moving toward our next topic which is earning potential in the field of digital marketing.

3 – Great Earning Potential

Be it a job or your own business digital marketing has great potential if you do the things properly.

If we talk about blogging you need to learn more and more traffic to your website and you can convert that traffic into revenue.

Next, if you are doing paid affiliate marketing you need to have proper knowledge about running proper ad campaigns.

So it’s about learning things, once you get the things properly and it’s not very tough to earn a good amount of money.

4 – Place and time flexibility

This is my favorite, you don’t need to be in a fixed place if you are doing Digital Marketing.

All you need is a laptop and internet and then you can work from anywhere in the world. You can work during your vacation.

Just think if you are doing traditional marketing can you work according to your time, obviously no.

But here you can according to your time if you are comfortable working at night rather than in the morning you can do so.

If you are working for a client he will not ask you at what time you do the work, all you need to is complete work on time.

As I love to work at night and nobody asks me about anything, you can also do the same if you are into Digital Marketing.

5 – No requirement of specific education qualification

Most of the businesses today want some education qualification to consider you the best fit for the position.

But in Digital Marketing you don’t need to have a particular qualification but good knowledge about things.

Like you need to know how to bring traffic to your website, how to make more sales for the organization.

A Digital Marketing certification is an addon but it is not mandatory to have a certification.

But the thing is a course can help you learn things fast and better whereas if you learn by yourself it will take you quite more time and effort.

In today’s world time is money so it’s better to learn things fast and we are also providing digital marketing education in Indore which can help you learn things fast and better.

If you want to join a digital marketing institute in Indore to pursue a digital marketing course in Indore you can contact us. Ok so we are done with a promotion here let’s get back to our topic now 😉.

So try to learn and understand things in a better way instead of gathering more and more certificates.

6 – Can Gain great followers

When you learned the things properly you can then share your experience with others.

And if your experience will help them in some manner they will start following you and gradually you will get a large number of followers.

And you can become a public speaker. People will pay to listen to your experience and this is a great career option.

You can charge a hefty amount of money to speak at any event but to reach that point you have to work in a proper manner.

First, you have to gain a good amount of experience and then you can start speaking at small events and gradually big event persons will start contacting you if you are spreading values to people.

7 – Less hard work and more Smart work

Digital Marketing is not about working very very hard rather it’s about working smartly. But you must have a question: what do I mean by smart work?

It means you have to frame your own strategies rather than just working hard and don’t how you will get the result.

You can also read about other failures and achievements before starting working on anything.

If you do so without any planning you will be stuck in the middle as you don’t have proper planning and strategies.

When I teach my students the first thing that I tell them is to read how others achieve something and why others fail for the same things.

So that it will help to understand what to do and what not to do and then frame a great strategy and stick to it.

Many people lose their patience very early in their journey and shift to another strategy and all their work goes into vain.

So always stick to your strategy but be sure with your strategy before start working on it and don’t shift in the middle.


I think I have provided enough points to you guys about the benefits of digital marketing for students which can help you to start your digital marketing journey. Believe me, it will be worthwhile to start this journey but keep one thing in your mind to understand things properly as only knowledge will help to get the future you are dreaming of. So do proper research, analyze the data, understand your customer and that all you have to do for your success.

And if you have any questions feel free to ask in the comment section and if you want to pursue a digital marketing course in Indore you can contact us we will help you in a better manner.

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