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Have you ever thought what is the career in the field of Digital Marketing? Whether those career options are lucrative or not? If you look or search properly you will get to know that the demand for digital marketing keeps on increasing. There is no doubt that digital marketing has generated great Digital Marketing Career in India in 2020 and also all over the world.

Before we get into the Digital Marketing Careers let’s first discuss a bit about digital marketing.

What is Marketing?

What Is Marketing?

It is the combination of all the efforts and actions by an individual or organization to get to know about the customer’s demand, then trying to analyze those demands, then creating a product that would solve the problem of that customer or sometimes entertain them. It also involves brand promotion and targeting your potential customers via Communication, Public relation, and Advertising.

Now let’s see what is Digital Marketing?

What IS Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is method Marketing where marketing is done with the help of Digital Channels. If you see the core fundamentals are also the same here but the method is slightly different from the traditional way of marketing. As it does not require lots of money to do marketing with Digital Channels now everyone is moving toward Digital marketing and so there is a huge opportunity in Digital Marketing Career in India in 2020 and all over the world.

Digital Marketing In India

With the arrival of Reliance, Jio India has become one of the largest consumers of the Internet in the World. Even though it has surpassed some of the developed countries like the UK and the USA in the internet consumption

Though Digital Marketing is new to the Indian Market Businesses and Brands started recognizing the power of Digital Marketing and even started allotting a separate budget for Digital Marketing.

And even brands are getting the result which triggers the other brands and businesses to opt for Digital Marketing.

Even if you see the Visual Networking Index of CISCO it says that by 2029 more than 829 million Indians will use the internet on a daily basis and among them, more than 75% will operate through mobile.

So now with the help of these stats, you can imagine the immense potential of Digital Marketing in the upcoming future.

Scope Of Digital Marketing Career in India in 2020

Digital Marketing has created great career opportunities in Indian Market, as for any business they need a digital marketer to promote their business online.

To create great content and place them in the right place one needs to take the help of a digital marketer.

So Companies are now allocating huge amounts for their Online Marketing which will be handled by Digital Marketer.

Every brand now understands this that with the great hike in the usage of tab and mobile phones it is necessary to come online for visibility and sales,

Let’s take the example of a few massive brands like Amazon and Flipkart the secret to their success is massive growth internet usage in the past 2 – 3 years.

Now people in India are moving toward Online Shopping as it is more convenient and easier than traditional shopping.

Here are a few requirements that one needs 

A digital marketer should have the knowledge of business, which is one of the most important things that a digital marketer requires. One needs to have an understanding of data as to how your product is doing what changes one needs to do to make it more successful.

One needs to have good copywriting skills that can attract customers and able to make sales.

Here are the Major Roles of Digital Marketer

1) SEO Specialist

An SEO specialist is a person who is responsible for formulating a strategy to rank a website at the top of Google search results.

SEO specialist stands for Search Engine Optimization Specialist and SEO is a very important element to rank any website at the top of the search result.

When you put any query of yours on the search engine, the first few results are results in which you click most of the time.

That means the first few results are results that get most of the attention so everyone likes attention and wants the first place on Google.

What are the duties of an SEO specialist?

  • Need to do proper keyword research as if working on new websites demands to work low competition and high search volume keywords.
  • After done with keyword research they must have the knowledge of keyword placement, so the next thing they have to do is keyword placement.
  • Maintaining website speed is another important work, so they need to analyze the speed of the website and if possible they can fix the problem or they hand over the work to the developer.
  • Creation of backlinks. Best if able to generate natural backlinks that require great content as great content will generate natural backlinks for you and those backlinks are very high authoritative which gives a great boost to the website.
  • Have knowledge of the quality of content and consumer behavior.
  • one of the most important works of an SEO specialist is to drive traffic to its website and so he must have some of his own techniques to drive high-quality traffic to its website.

Let’s see a few important terms for SEO specialist

  • ON Page & OFF Page SEO
  • Structured Data
  • Website Load Speed
  • Marketing Automation
  • Mobile-First Indexing
  • Ad Retargeting
  • Geofencing
  • Voice User Interface

So this is what an SEO has to do and you might also want to know about what is the salary of an SEO specialist?

This one is tough to say as salary depends upon your knowledge and experience still a fresher can get up to 3 – 5 lakhs

2) PPC Expert (Pay Per Click)

You must have seen on search engine result pages (Google Result) that when you search for a particular term there were few results with Ads written beside them.

That Ad was actually run by PPC specialists where they have to pay Google for every single click and that’s why we call that Pay Per Click.

A PPC expert knows how to target its customers and to drive traffic and make sales or completing his/her desired result.

PPC experts know which keywords to be chosen for the campaign, whether it should be an exact match, broad match or phrase match.

What are the duties of a PPC expert?

  • Need to search for the best working keyword for ads.
  • They need to know to take leverage of other tools to make a great and effective campaign
  • Have to have great knowledge of the domain or business he is working upon.
  • Must have the knowledge about targeting, Retargeting, Strucing Ads.
  • I need to have knowledge of MS Excel, Word, and Powerpoint.

So these are some of the work of a PPC marketer and you also have a question about what is the salary of PPC expert?

It is something about 5 – 7 lakhs depending upon your knowledge and experience.

3) Social Media Marketer

Social Media Manager is the person who is responsible for taking care of all the aspects of social media and also they are responsible for running successful campaigns for the businesses and brands on various social channels like Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, etc.

With social media, brands are trying to engage their audience so that when people will decide to buy something they at least check the product of the particular brand.

A brand needs to be known among the audiences unless nobody wants to buy or promote the product of that particular brand.

What are the duties of the Social Media Manager?

  • Curation of content that is engaging and informative to their audience so that audience keeps on following and ultimately becomes a consumer of your product.
  • We need to have the knowledge of different tools which are required to maintain the reputation of the brands.
  • Scheduling the time of posting is a great thing one marketer should know about one must which is the best time when you can reach up to maximum people.
  • It’s great to have a good social media presence but a marketer should know which social media is actually best for them and focus should be high on that particular channel.

4) Email Marketing Expert

Emails are a great and popular channel of communication with your consumers or targeted customers.

That’s why an Email Marketing Expert’s requirement is always there in an organization so that they communicate with their customers effectively.

An Email should bother its customer otherwise they will unsubscribe so it should be concise, delivered timely, and also solving the problem of the customer.

What are the duties of an Email Marketer?

  • He must gather or collect the genuine email of customers and email should not be purchased one which will put all the hard work of customizing emails in vain.
  • A marketer should know the best timing of sending emails to their customers which will not bother them anyhow.
  • Must have the knowledge about Email Automation tools as one has to send 1000s of email which kind of impossible manually.
  • There are few words that hold great importance in email marketing like CTR, Open rate, Conversion Rate, Bounce Rate, Email Sharing and also know how to solve the problem if comes.

5) Content Marketing Manager

He has to keep his eyes on each and every content that goes out on the website, social channel or market so that it won’t hamper the reputation of the brand.

And it is quite a hard task as you have to analyze which content is the best fit for the particular channel or website.

Content Marketing Manager has to form a strategy that can give out the best result for the brands.

The strategy includes Analysing his competitors, Analysing the targeted audience, Analyzing the channel, which will be best for the business, Analysing the past result and using that data.

What are the Duties of Content Marketing Manager?

What are the Duties of Content Marketing Manager?

  • They are responsible for producing content on a website.
  • Companies Online Brochures
  • And the most important thing they need to collaborate with each Digital Marketing sector in the organization so as to create and produce great content and get a great result.

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