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Did you know a few years ago it was not this much easy to build a website of any kind?

One has to learn hard coding then only he can build great websites with lots of hard work.

But today anyone can easily create a great website even if he does not have any kind of knowledge related to programming.

And that has become possible solely because of WordPress and the best part about WordPress is totally free.

But what makes WordPress so easy to use is the WordPress plugins, for every task you can use them.

And also WordPress plugins are very easy to use and each and every information will be there for the usage.

Many of them are paid also but most of them are actually free to use.

So here I will be covering each and every single WordPress plugin that you will be required to make your website run successfully.

Best WordPress SEO Plugins

SEO is one of the most important factors for the rankings but to do proper SEO you need proper tools (plugins) otherwise you find yourself below in the competition.

And you’re lucky enough there are many such tools which help you greatly to do proper SEO of your website.

And this will make you much happier that most of them are actually free to use so here is the list below.

1) Yoast SEO

You can call it the king of all SEO plugins, I think this plugin is one of the most user-friendly Plugin for SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

With more 27000, a 5star rating Yoast is ranking on the top of WordPress for SEO keyword.

It is also available in the premium section which costs $89, but even the free version can beat most of the paid plugins in the market.

Here are the features that will be helpful for you.

– The plugin will help you with the keyword placement, for that you have entered your focused keyword in the box asking for a keyword. And will tell you whether you have used your keyword properly or not.

– The next you can see is how your snippet will look like on Google and you can optimize it according to yourself.

– Meta Title, Meta Description, and Slug you can optimize everything and these three factors are very helpful for the ranking of your website.

– Length of your article, Alt texts of the images, outbound links, and internal links are some important factors which you will also get to know with Yoast.

– It will also help you to see the reliability of your article like have you used the header’s properly or not, Passive voice, consecutive sentence and many more.

– You will also get many updates that add many new features and also keep your website secure.

– It automatically generates an XML sitemap on your website.

2) Rank Math

You don’t want to install many plugin’s in your WordPress dashboard but also don’t want to miss the advantage of different plugins so Rank Math is for you.

They have integrated many different plugins in one plugin which you can use for your SEO purpose.

Here are the features of Rank Math.

– there are 40 different factors and your every page/product/and page have passed through them.

– You have 404 errors in your website, don’t worry this plugin will handle your 404 error and redirect the traffic to a page you want to.

– It also generates your sitemap and also lets the search engine know whenever you make any changes to your posts/pages.

– Don’t have to install any other breadcrumb plugin as it has an option for the breadcrumbs.

– Different Rich Snippets will be also available all you have to do is choose the most suitable one for your website.

3) The SEO Framework

This is a quite fast plugin which is also quite a lightweight plugin that does not irritate you by showing ads or upsells.

You can also take it as the best alternative of Yoast SEO as it also shows you how close your article is to being search engine ready.

The plugin is totally free for the users and there is also an extension which once downloaded will enhance the results of The SEO Framework.

And let me include some of them here which are Redirections, AMP Integration, Comment chasing for spammers, and local SEO.

Here are some great features of the plugin that will help you with your website.

– The best feature which I personally like the most is it does not sell you anything like other plugins do they show you lots of ads and upsells.

– You also don’t need any comment spamming plugin as a single extension to do it for you.

– You also don’t have to do many setups after installing as many of them have already been done by the developers.

– It encourages you to write more natural articles rather than writing more keyword focused articles.

4) SEO squirrely

One of the best plugins for beginners as it does not contain any complicated elements in the plugin.

Most of the plugin recommends you with the article once you have done writing the article.

But here you will have an expert from the start till you have done your writing.

So as it will keep on guiding you and in any place, you can write any post as an expert will guide you on how to write a particular article.

Features provided by SEO squirrely

– This helps you to see the keyword optimization before even saving the article, it guides you throughout the writing process.

– If you uninstall the plugin it won’t make changes to the things you have done before to make your SEO good.

– It also provides you a tool that will help you to analyze your competition and how you can outrank them.

5. SEO Press

A completely free SEO tool not even the free version of the plugin will serve you any kind of ads.

The tool allows you to do all the stuff that an SEO process wants like creating your meta title and meta description, Tags, Create a sitemap for your website and many other things that you want to do.

And if you want to add some more options you can buy a premium version of the plugin and the following features will be added.

Here the feature that you will get in the premium version.

– The premium version will also help you with your local SEO.

– You can also create a Video and Google XML sitemap.

– You will be able to see the Google Analytics report is your WordPress dashboard.

– The Premium version will also help you with 404 errors and redirection. 

Best features of SEO press.

– It is very easy with Facebook and Twitter meta tags.

– Bring Google Analytics reports on your website very quickly and easily.

Best WordPress Security Plugins

As you know more and more websites are building on WordPress so hackers are now targeting WordPress websites.

They hack your website and that not because WordPress is less secure but because of third party product installation.

Most of the time hackers hack your website through these third party products.

So here I am sharing a few plugins which have great features that will help you make your website secure and keep hackers away from your website.

1 – All in One WP Security & Firewall

This one is the most popular plugin for keeping your website secure. It scans all your themes and plugins and one gets any infected file it will notify you immediately.

They claim that they will make your website very secure and 50 times faster and for that, they use a caching engine named falcon caching engine.

They will detect the most spammed IP’s and it will block them so they can not spam your website. If it found any malicious code or content, it will immediately block it to make your website more secure.

2 – BulletProof Security

Here is another very popular WordPress security plugin which also works great and makes your WordPress website secure.

There are enough features in the free version which can protect your website very well, let’s take a look at them.

– You will get a one-click setup wizard

– you will also get MScan malware scanner and built-in file manager for .htaccess

– BulletProof security will also limit failed login attempts so that it can stop hackers from hacking your website.

There are many more features that will make your website secure and let’ see what you will get if you will be able to afford a premium one.

– These will be like custom php.ini Web security 

– Maintenance mode for front and backEnd

– Display dashboard for heads up

– Php error login 

And many other valuable things you will get with the premium feature.

You don’t need more plugins to make your website secure. All you need is a single trustable plugin.

And that will take care of all your security related issues and these two plugins are more than enough.

We will keep on updating the list of great plugins that can help you grow your WordPress website.

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