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Everyone knows that Google loves to update its algorithm and if you pay attention you can see that Google has made more than 500 changes over the course of a period.

In simple words, SEO is the process of optimizing your content so that it appears on the top of the result in Google SERP.

There are a number of things to do in SEO, which means you can often miss some parts which means your dream of reaching the top results will break there.

But if you follow the things properly you will hit the top place after some time, and then lots of traffic, increased conversion rate, and huge profit.

And there are lots of things which have been changed over the years, things which used to work a few years back won’t cut it today.

So here we’ve gathered some of the best SEO tips which can help rank if you follow these best practices.

Let’s see the great tips to boost your ranking and traffic.

Go with Evergreen content

Content is King

(Source – Freepik )

Creating evergreen content can help you rank at the top of the SERP (Search Engine Result Page), as an in-depth post is the kind content Google is looking for its user.

A report published by BuzzSumo has stated that if a post wants to stay at the top of the result or want great social sharing it must be a long, in-depth content.

It also stated that the social sharing of websites has faced a great decline as people started sharing the content personally rather than posting on their social media walls.

And still many of the website was doing well and the reason being they are working upon great informative and in-depth content.

So next time when you write your article do not write content less than 2000 words which can be considered as a good in-depth article.

Understand the potential of Video

Potential of video

( Source – Freepik )

Videos are a great source of traffic in this era, which most of the marketers are ignoring today.

Some great experts say that it does not mean that a huge number of indexed pages can give your website a great boost.

Try to make your content engaging and if we put little common sense we can understand that videos can do this great for us.

And even Cisco has predicted that by 2021 videos will cover 80% of the internet traffic.

So go and integrate some videos on your existing post and also integrate them on your future post.

Make your user’s experience good

Make user experience good

(Source – Freepik )

This is one great factor that Google gives high importance as Google keeps on updating itself to make its user experience good.

So if Google itself working on this factor how can he ignore this factor on your website.

And for that Google has invented Rank Brain, which is a machine learning system that helps Google which should rank in the search result.

You can simply understand it by if a visitor lands on your website and bounce back it shows a bad experience and on the other hand if a visitor lands on your website and spend time this result can help you rank in the result.

Google tracks all the actions and according to these actions, Google pushes or degrades a website’s rank.

So try to boost the dwell time and the CTR of your website which can help you rank higher.

Things to be done to boost our Dwell Time And CTR

  • Write attractive headlines that will boost the emotions of the customer.
  • Your headline must contain powerful words that must have the ability to trigger the emotions of your customers.
  • A strong meta description can help you trigger the curiosity of the reader and ultimately he will click on your link.
  • For dwell time you have to grab the attention of your visitor within the first 5-10 seconds if you fail he will move to another website.
  • Internal linking is a great method to keep your reader on your website, he will read other useful content of your website this will give your website a push in the search result.

The best place on SERP, Featured Snippet

What is Featured snippet?

You must have seen many times Featured Snippet Result which is below the ads but above the first result.

These results typically have tables, images, or videos with them making them more attractive and give you a better result like great CTR.

In a study where more than 6.9 million Featured Snippet has been studied which was made up of more than 80 million keywords.

And in that data-driven approach, they found some great methods to optimize your content for Featured Snippet.

  • Try to be concise and clear with your content.
  • Headers are great as they provide easy scanning.
  • Strong external resources are also a great way.
  • A great Social Engagement can give you great results.

Voice Search Optimization

With time voice searches keep on increasing even you can see amazon has already introduced its search engine(Alexa) which is into voice search.

Many great SEO experts are advising to use geo-target keyword in your content which can help you to grow in local searches.

If you will able to create your content around questions and answers it will be great for your local business as most of the business is local.

Here are a few known SEO tips which we miss sometimes while doing SEO for our content.

1- Do not forget to compress your website images which can help you to increase your website’s speed.

2- Track your visitor from where they are coming as you can use those data to optimize that channel and get good results.

3 – Make sure your XML Sitemap is created properly and your website crawled by your Sitemap.

4 – Usage of schema markup is a must thing to do so that Google can easily understand what your content is all about. 

5 – Get an SSL certificate for your website which will boost the confidence of your customers when landed on your website.

6 – Try to increase your social proof with the help of testimonials and reviews that is a great metric in Google’s eyes.

So this is a well Search Engine Optimization tips and tricks which on implementing can give your website a great boost.

So go and do a website audit and then implement the SEO which we have discussed here and seen a great boost in your ranking.

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