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When anyone starts Digital Marketing he gradually starts knowing about the tools that are required in Digital marketing.

But sometimes they are not able to find the right tool that can help them to overcome their problems.

And that’s why I am creating a list of Digital Marketing tools that every Digital Marketer should know.

Tools are very essential for every digital marketer as you just cannot do all the stuff manually as many of our tasks are almost impossible to do them manually.

Like if a website has lots of backlinks and you want to check them you cannot check them manually and then you need the help of Tools.

Like that there so many tasks which you cannot do manually, also if you do not have a good budget to invest in the tools there are so many free alternatives.

So don’t worry about the budget there are alternatives for almost every paid tool and you can do your work with them also.

So here is the list of digital marketing tools that you need to know.

1) Google Trend

This tool is free and best to find the latest trends, visualization, & data from Google and also tell about the trendiest thing near you.

This is the easiest tool you will encounter while in your Digital Marketing journey just open the website search for the keyword or the industry you are searching for and hit the button.

You can also see the region based interest on the map. There are also other options that let you search by categories, time period, countries which also include YouTube searches.

2) Google Analytics

This tool lets you check how much traffic you got in the particular interval of time and it also shows you the real-time user means how many users are actually on your website at that time.

This tool is actually very helpful as it also tells you what medium your visitor used to visit your website.

Many people say so what they are just telling the fact of what’s big in this but do want to know how this can be helpful.

Suppose some of your visitors come from Facebook, some form Instagram & Some from Pinterest and most of your users are coming from Facebook.

Now you know that Facebook is working great for you so you can optimize your content according to your data.

And you also know that the other two platforms are not working as much good for you so you can work hard for them also and can get great traffic from there also.

That’s not enough there is more advantage of this great tool that can help you greatly.

You can compare the data like how much traffic you got last month and how much got in the current month.

After comparing these two months’ data you can evaluate how you can increase your traffic and what not performing well for you.

3) Google Search Console

Another Google product which an awesome tool this tool helps you to see which of your keyword performing well.

It also shows the average position of your keywords and also clicks and impressions of the keywords you are using.

Now this position reveler can help you with your rankings, here is the simple process when search console shows you the keyword you are ranking for with that, the tool also shows you the click and impression on that particular keyword.

The keyword you are getting the most number of clicks, go and update that particular post and add some new and fresh content and within few days you will see how effective it gives it a try and let me know in the comment box.

4) Ahref’s


You just can’t miss this tool like this the Digital Marketing Industry’s best SEO & SEM tool.

Because it let you find each and everything your competitor is doing with their sites.

It let you learn the thing’s like from where your competitor is getting his traffic, for which particular keyword they are actually ranking on Google, How many backlinks they have and from which website they getting the backlinks and there are a lot of different things it offers.

It also helps to get the information about which content got the most share on the web.

One of its best features is Keyword Explorer 2.o it has a great database and lets you find the keyword in more than 170 countries.

But it is quite expensive for the beginner so if you have enough budget you can go for this tool and thank me later for this.

5) Ubersuggest


This is also a great tool by Neil Patel which is again an SEO & Competitor analysis tool and the best part about this tool is it is completely free.

And it also lets you find the keywords that your competitor is using in the post and also tells you their top pages like which page is ranking in which position and how much traffic that particular blog is driving.

6) Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner

It is a great tool but with some controversy like some people say that this only misleads rather than providing exact data.

That’s there thinking but you can start with this free tool and can experience it yourself as it tells you how much searches your keyword gets on a monthly basis.

And it also tells you about how much competition the particular keyword has like “High”, “Medium”, or “Low” so that you can run ads with those keywords.

And one greater feature is you and easily exports the data and can import that data anywhere else.

7) Buzzsumo

Have you ever struggled with the content idea I mean you are going to write something and suddenly your mind got blanked?

No idea what to write, No idea how to find the idea about what to write and then you get to know about this great tool which is Buzzsumo.

This tool actually helps you to find the most shared content on the web with the help of keyword and topic.

All you need to do is just go to the search bar of this tool and it will show you the most searched content related to that particular keyword.

And also a lot more content & with the help of that, you can easily find a whole lot of content ideas and can write about that to educate your visitors.

8) Similar Web

The first tool that comes to my mind whenever I want to get an idea for a website.

With the help of similar web you will get to know about estimated traffic of a website, All the channel of the traffic, Countries, and also some of the basic idea about the keywords that the website rank for.

You can also add the chrome extension which will be very handy for that and you can easily create a great funnel.

8) Facebook Audience Insight

Do you run Facebook ads, if no it’s ok this tool will help you when you start running Facebook ads but if yes you run Facebook ads and if you know about this tool it’s great.

But if you do not have any idea what this tool all about you are missing a great tool that can help you greatly to find your audience within Facebook.

This tool actually helps you to find the audience with the help of their Interest, Demographic and Title as good audience targeting is a great metric for success with Facebook ads.

I highly recommend this tool if you run Facebook ads don’t waste your money and check your audience properly first.

9) Canva

This is a must needed tool for every Digital Marketer because it allows you to create awesome Infographics, Animation Graphics, and creative images for free.

An infographic is a great method of branding and gaining high-quality backlink all you need to do is to create awesome and Creative Infographics.

As each and every platform is different you need to create a different post for different platform otherwise you will miss an attractive part particularly for that platform.

You just need a little bit of experience with this tool and you will be able to create great content that your users will definitely be going to love a lot.

It also has a premium version that opens so many different creative options to make your content much more attractive in the eyes of your users.

10) Bitly

Bitly is a great URL link shortening tool that helps you make your long, bad looking URLs to short and good looking URLs.

It’s not just finished here it also allows you to track the clicks, also you will be able to check the site referrals, which helps you to get the detail about from which geographical location you are getting most of the clicks.

And this site very simple to use all you have to do is just open the website in your browser and you will get a search bar in the middle of the website just paste your URL and you are done copy your short URL and use according to your need.

So here is an awesome list of Digital Marketing tools that every Digital Marketer should know about to help themselves whenever they stuck anywhere in their path to becoming a successful digital marketer.

If this article helps you somehow don’t forget to share which will help others or if you have any questions feel free to ask in the comment section.

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