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If you are searching for best affiliate marketing platforms and programs you may have some knowledge about affiliate marketing.

And some of you may don’t have knowledge about affiliate marketing so if you are one of those do not skip anything.

And if you are the one who has the knowledge you can skip this part as we are going to discuss the basics of affiliate marketing in this section.

Do you know what passive income is?

When you make money while sleeping, enjoying a vacation, etc, now this earning you can call as passive income.

This is a very lucrative way of earning so every digital marketer once in his life surely tries to earn money with affiliate marketing.

The idea behind affiliate marketing is to sell/promote other people’s products and that you can do either with the help of an affiliate platform or promoting any individual programs.


When you promote a product of other people’s or company and earn a commission from that process is called affiliate marketing. Find a product that has a great value and can give some advantage to your audience to promote that product and earn a share of profit for each sale you make.

You will also find some different definitions of affiliate marketing but the logic is the same behind every definition.

There are four different parties are involved in affiliate marketing those are – 

i) The Merchant

ii) The Network

iii) The Publisher

iv) The Customer

In some definitions, you will see only parties Advertiser, Publisher, and Consumer.

So let’s understand these terms as who they are and what their role in the affiliate marketing process.

The Merchant

You can understand merchant as the seller, creator, brand, retailer or vendor, it can be anyone from a small entrepreneur who sells courses online from a big company like apple.

The Network

A network is a place or website which connects the merchant and affiliate and different networks have different requirements to register yourself.

The Publisher

The publisher is also known as an affiliate, which can also be an individual or a big brand and also the earrings vary from a few hundred dollars to millions of dollars. An affiliate promotes the merchant’s product and attract customers and make them buy the product.

The Consumer

Customers or Consumer is the most important part for the completion of this process as without sales there is no commission or profit.

Affiliate tries to do their best to attract customers to be it social media, be it search engine they write great sales copy and many more things.

So this is the basics of affiliate marketing I hope now you have good knowledge about affiliate marketing and its process.

I will share the actual process of performing each step of affiliate marketing in the next blog, for now, let’s discuss the platforms and programs you can join and earn a good amount of money.

Affiliate Marketing Platforms

Amazon Associates

Amazon is the biggest e-commerce platform in the world as they claim they have more than 5Cr products listed on their website.

So if you want to promote physical products through your website Amazon Associate will definitely be your first choice.

As Amazon has built great trust among its customers it also gives some advantage to its associates.

With Amazon Associate, you can earn commission on almost every product you sell.

The best part of Amazon Affiliate is that if a person buys anything from your link, not that particular product you are promoting you will earn a commission.

(Note – If a person buy a product after 24 hours of clicking the link you will not get any commission, he has to click again in that particular link)

Amazon associates follow flat-rate commission structure where they get a flat percentage that has mentioned by Amazon.

I will write the whole process on how to start an Amazon Affiliate website from scratch to get notified you can subscribe to my newsletter.


ShareASale is one of the most famous affiliate networks in the market.

Where Amazon heavily focuses on physical products ShareASale is a great option for both digital and physical products.

In ShareASale to promote any products, you have to make a request to the merchant if approve your request then only you will be able to promote that product.

The best part about ShareASale is its niche your website is in you can find products to promote as it deals in both physical and digital products.

So it is great to do business with ShareASale as they are trustworthy, Have so many exclusive merchants, and also has bookmarklet with make it very easy to generate custom affiliate link.


ClickBank is providing lifestyle products to customers around the globe for more than 20 years.

ClickBank Offers both digital and physical product but their main focus is on Digital product and you will often find people selling ebooks, Online Courses, and membership sites.

ClickBank is more on the smaller end of merchants unless ShareASale who has big brands associated with them.

You will find lots of smaller niche products that you won’t find at any other affiliate programs and also they pay quite high commission rates.

Awin (Affiliate Window Formerly)

Awin is another popular affiliate Market Place Formerly known as the original affiliate window that gives you access to over 13000 different merchants.

And here is a small surprise for you in 2017 Awin acquired ShareASale and still are separate entities and also have totally different merchants.

And Germany was the birthplace of Awin so you will also experience some of the European tilt to the merchant list but still there are plenty of US/global Companies.

Here in Awin you also have to individually apply to the merchant within the network.

One more thing there is a $5 Charge but if you get approved you will get your money back otherwise you will lose it.

CJ Affiliate (Commission Junction)

Here is another affiliate network more like ShareASale, Commission Junction that also brings so many merchants under the same roof.

You can count CJ amongst some of the biggest Affiliate networks in the market, that will help you to connect with both big and small merchants.

Here again, you have to apply individually to the merchant for the approval of the product.


Founded in 2011 JVZoo is one of the greatest marketplaces which is SAAS (Software as a product) Company and mainly focuses on online and digital products.

It also doesn’t charge you anything when you register yourself and the website is totally newbie-friendly that’s why even a new affiliate can join and earn there.

And one of the most important things is on some products you can even earn up to 100% commissions that you won’t find anywhere else.

JVZoo also provides you real-time tracking of traffic and also earning stats, you will get instant sales notification as well as access to affiliate tools and training


The market place was formerly known as Linkshare is a popular affiliate network that includes so many big merchants.

Few of them are Papa Johns, Walmart, Best Buy, Macy’s and also so many others.

They also have listed many different small merchants but their network is not as large as CJ, ShareASale, and Awin.

So if you are searching for a huge variety of merchants the other one I have mentioned is the better choice but it gives you access to the big ones.

Avangate Affiliate Network

They started their journey in the year 2006 with their focus on digital products and software rather than physical products.

And soon they became a well-known name on the international market for digital products, helping software companies to accelerate online sales via any channel, model at any market.

In the year 2013, a leading global private equity firm Francisco Partners purchased Avangate Affiliate Network.

They also claim themselves as #1 Affiliate network with a focus on software and digital goods for five years in a row.

Some popular software merchants in their network are Bitdefender, Kaspersky, Hide My Ass, and last but not the least Awario.


FlexOffers is another very popular affiliate network that gives you access to more than 12000 different advertisers and merchants.

So if we talk about the dashboard look it is quite impressive compared to others and every day you can find new merchants as FlexOffers adds 50 plus merchants every day.

FlexOffers also provide a great variety of merchants in their platform that includes both small and big brands.

FlexOffers also offer you to see all merchants listed on their platform even before enrolling yourself in their platform.

As FlexOffers founded in the year 2008 it is a very trusted network and you don’t have to worry about any fraud from their side.

Here comes a great touch to every second publisher they assign a dedicated account manager who will you to find the best offer to promote or work with you to improve your affiliate marketing.

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