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Do you want to know how big brands sell their products to a new customer, how some awesome blogger bring huge traffic, how a great affiliate Marketer sell products to his Email list?

All the things we are going to discuss in this article so spare a few minutes of your time with me and you will get all the answers.

You must have seen some great ads which were so good that triggers you to go and search for that product or ads on the Internet.

Have you ever think before choosing any particular brand over others what things made you choose that brand?

A Brand does analyze your buying behavior to understand how they can influence you with their and they follow few well-defined processes to do that.

And that process/Model we know as AIDA. With the help of this AIDA, model brands break down customer’s buying journey/behavior into distinct parts.

So that they will be able to plan marketing and advertising strategy which will influence you, engage you and ultimately you end up buying that product.

Let’s start with a brief history of the AIDA model:

The first and foremost credit of this model is going to E.st. Elmo Lewis who once postulates this model in his Publication.

You need to attract the reader first to make him read the advertisement, then raise his interest so he continues to read, the next part is to convince him which means he started believing in what he is reading so this how you make a successful advertisement according to him.

And this model’s usefulness is not only up to the advertisement, but from the year 1911 sales representative also started using the step to make a better sales presentation.

AIDA Definition: 

The Abbreviation AIDA is used for Attention or Awareness, Interest, Desire, and action.

AIDA model is widely used by marketers and advertiser where the stages and steps have been defined which occurs when a consumer first got to know about the product or brand till consumer trials the product or make a purchase decision.


You can call it marketing, advertising and sales function blueprint which marketers are using for a very long time to target all the touchpoints during customer’s buying journey from the time customer first aware of the product to finally buying it.

Different Stages of the AIDA model

Stage 1 – Awareness

In any business whenever a new brand entered he tries to make his targeted customer know about his brand because without knowing about that product or brand nobody will going to buying their product.

So in the first stage, your customer will get to know about your brand and this customer will later become your consumer.

In this stage creating awareness is much more important than selling the product to your customer.

And there are various different ways to create awareness among your customers depends upon your product and services you are offering to your customers.

If we talk about traditional ways most companies place their advertisements on a banner/ billboard or hoarding and their images/creative designed in such a way that it creates a long-lasting effect on the consumer’s mind.

But as things are becoming digital companies started placing sponsored ads which are a great way as it allows the organization to track and analyze the advertisement like whether their customers are converting through the ads or not.

We have one more way that is the most powerful way which is mouth marketing, in mouth marketing people refer your products and services to others who don’t have any knowledge about this.

A person only refers you to somebody if you have provided a great product or service to him and that referral is very strong that most of the time other people end up buying the product or service.

Take your own example if one of your friends refer you something and tell a great thing about the product or service will you buy the product or service if you ever need one?

I will say yes and most probably you too.

Stage 2 – Interest

In this stage you have to make your customers from “I know it” to “I like it” and this is actually the toughest stage of the model.

Once your customer gets aware of you then it’s time to make them interested in your product or service.

So to do this your advertisement must have the values and advantages of your product and service, the advertisement must focus on the need of the customer.

You also have to convey to your customer how your product or service is different from your customer’s product or service.

If your customers are not going to feel that the product or service you are providing to him is not captivating enough he will not be going to reach the buying stage.

Stage 3 – Desire

So you have successfully generated the interest among your customers but what will happen if your customers don’t know why your customer needed your product or service?

So after generating the interest among your product and service, you must immediately your customer why they need your product and service.

You can light up desire in somebody for your product or service by offering them something which your competitors are lacking in their product or services.

Let’s make this clear with a small example:

So let’s suppose you have specific gadget brand and customer shows interest in your specific product and then he visits your store and there you have to show him the extra feature of your product that they will not be going to get with other brands and in this way, you will make confirm that he won’t be going anywhere else.

So in this stage, your customer will go to say yes I want this product or service as you are going to light up his desire about your product and service.

Try this with your product and service this will definitely be going to work

Stage 4 – Action

The last stage AIDA model is the action stage where your customer finally purchased your product or services.

This is the stage for which all the other stages and tasks have been performed and this stage finally covers all the expenses you have made for the rest of the stages.

So to make your customers fulfill this step you need to give the few different offers that influence them to buy your product.

Offers like the one-on-one offer, Early bird discounts, free trials and many more that will lucrate them to buy your product and services.

In a good advertisement, there is a sense of urgency or fear of missing out which makes your customers buy your product as they think they will miss the product if they procrastinate.

Importance of the AIDA model

The whole model is made with the focus of influencing your customers from the point of time they get to know about the product until they purchase your product.

Each and every stage has been formulated logically like you can not sell your product to a person who doesn’t know about your product or service because who didn’t know can not trust you and trust is the most important factor in any business.

With AIDA it becomes much easier to write a killer copy as you divide your copy into parts to make you do what you want.

Like in the first stage you didn’t try to just sell your product your whole focus is on making your customers aware of the product.

Then you try to light up their interest and simultaneously their desire for your product so your customer from “I know it” to “I like it”.

So at this point, you put all your focus to make your customers purchase your product and you make this happen by offering discounts and other lucrative things.

Criticism Faced by AIDA model

AIDA model was later criticized because there is nothing mentioned about post-purchase effects which include consumption, satisfaction, repetition.

In some studies, it was found to be a poor predictor of actual consumer behavior. 

So with all these defects in this model researchers have developed a class of alternative models, termed as an integrative model.

AIDA model Examples


This giant company is using AIDA for many years to make their customers buy their products.

The company follows the exact step of AIDA they first introduce the product to their customers with the help of advertisement.

Let’s take the example of coke zero, the company first advertises the product with different media.

Then to develop the interested company used the ingredient in the beverage so here in this point company want their customer to know good it tastes without all the calories.

And then created a desire in you by telling you how refresh you will feel after having your drink without compromising your body shape and health.

And to complete the last part they make it available everywhere like vending machines, movie theaters, grocery stores and also some discounts make it more appealing and you end up buying and completing the last part of AIDA.

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